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Nobody turns rich with the money they deserve. 
 Turkey, being geographically close to the historical origin of the oldest documented trial of democracy, the Ancient Greece , has been failing to apply democracy for almost a hundred years now. So, one might think the problem is about Turkey itself while it is actually super not . The initial implementors of the democapital hybrid, the Western world, has played this hybrid social contract quite great on the so-called developing countries . You can take a closer look at where they bring democracy along with some guns although I cannot really blame them since this is how the game rolls anyway. Some call it "The game is rigged from the very start.". The game is not rigged, its fabric is the rig itself.
 There is no love, only the temporal fluctuations of hormones that we interpret.
The modern people usually miss the point of planning. You don't plan to succeed, you plan to not fail . The cavemen didn't hunt in groups to hunt down bigger mammoths, they did so not to die, but their intentions had resulted in a success. Thus, we can safely say the success is merely a byproduct of planning, and not failing is the main course.

Eray's Wager

 This schema is an explanation for this syntice where I argue that acting with the expectation of worst-case scenario is much more practical, especially in a technical context, than the other way around. I shamelessly call it "Eray's Wager", which is a blatant reference to Pascal's Wager . Here is the schema: The Schema of Eray's Wager Explanation Assuming we are in a context that we need to conduct a process that has at least a little societal side effect. In this case: Assume that we conducted the process as if it will result in the worst case and it resulted so . This means we were right all along. We are also prepared for the current consequences of the process and also prepared for the future consequences since we have gained experience and analyzed the patterns during the process. Assume that we conducted the process as if it will result in the worst case again and it did not . This means we were wrong , but also we are happy at the moment of the c
In a democapital hybrid, people tend to buy and vote for the apples falling up to the sky and then complain about that there are none left on the ground.