Some say "end-it-all"ers are cowards. However, considering that the bravest actions can only be taken by the smallest fraction of a group, ending it all does not seem like a coward action to take at all.
 Apart from the pure sentimental reasons, nobody has proven their righteousness and free-will until they decide to end it all.
 I prefer a current depression over a future regret.
Everyone loses in love for someone else. What matters is the quantity. When you love another person, you lose to both monetary inflation and the inflation of expectations, which is the worst and the most expensive of all. On the other hand, when you love another animal, you lose to only monetary inflation and what you get is the rawest and the most hones love you can ever imagine.
One can form a genuine relationship with only animals. Since the animals can't lie, their love and hate is always in the most honest form.
Nobody turns rich with the money they deserve. 
 Turkey, being geographically close to the historical origin of the oldest documented trial of democracy, the Ancient Greece , has been failing to apply democracy for almost a hundred years now. So, one might think the problem is about Turkey itself while it is actually super not . The initial implementors of the democapital hybrid, the Western world, has played this hybrid social contract quite great on the so-called developing countries . You can take a closer look at where they bring democracy along with some guns although I cannot really blame them since this is how the game rolls anyway. Some call it "The game is rigged from the very start.". The game is not rigged, its fabric is the rig itself.