Temmuz, 2022 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor
There's no natural death, we're all indirectly part of someone's last suffering.
 As some generalize something about the society and life too much, they are often asked if they've had any, if not enough, experiences about it and their potential righteousness are suppressed. However, most of the time, we have our experiences through the others' lives.
 Comedy and tragedy are the opiums with different effects. Comedy is utilized to make people forget while tragedy is used to have them be reminded. Both can be utilized as a means for the political power. However, tragedy circulates and wraps the life just too much that it is hard to imagine the comedy of a war compared to the tragedy of a new-born child. Thus, we have the phenomenon called trauma in psychology. Many neural entities, such as humans, absorb the tragedy like a sponge. As Benatar says, there is chronic pain but no chronic pleasure. Meanwhile, if you'd ever asked a person what's their happiest moment in different times, the answers you'd get would be quite inconsistent and they'd sure take their precious time to reply.
 We call them who tell what they see, no more or less, the enlightened . The majority, though, see what they tell. If, ever, psychopathology was honest, they would diagnose these people as schizophrenic. We call them the society though since we have no practical grounds to put the majority into asylum in order to cure them.
 Wish uttering "No harm to you from me." in Arabic would be an absolute guarantee that I wouldn't have the potential to harm you.
There's no practical reason to be in the interest of justice if it doesn't heal or harm us at all.
 In fact, the real optimism is the pessimism. You turn out right when it turns out worse or you turn out  happy when it turns out better.